We are now offering an opportunity for all candidates who are currently in contractual IT employment. Do you feel that you should be getting a better remuneration package? If YES, its time to TAKE ACTION NOW! Kindly fill up the online form or email us at info@data-savers.net with your current employment details. We will be in contact with you within one working day.
Should you know of any open IT positions in your company, you can refer them to us. You will receive an attractive referral commission up to S$500. Call us now at 6493 3441 or email us at info@data-savers.net. We will be in contact with you within one working day.
Data Savers is now able to offer a totally viable, effective, time-bound and price-bound solution. Our IT Professionals Outsourcing services enable companies to use Data Saver’s expertise, which covers the whole recruitment process, for ramping up clients’ resources in line with clients’ project demands and budgets.
With a smooth process well in place, Data Savers can deploy most specialists in less than two weeks. IT staffing now becomes straightforward, creating a flexible environment in which business can thrive.
With a highly competitive and ever shrinking marketplace for IT Outsourcing Services, Data Savers strives to differentiate itself from the crowd by applying a holistic approach to its operations. Our low-overhead organizational model coupled with an innovative customer and employee -focused approach has helped us in further lowering price points than most of the IT Outsourcing companies locally or abroad. With Data Savers, every company now have the option to choose the enhanced IT skills your business demands.
Very often, companies are unable to respond quickly to sudden surges in requirements for new IT staff and resource management staff. Technological advances, project deadlines and business dynamics lead to unpredictable peaks and troughs in human resource needs. To stay competitive, a comprehensive plan to identify, recruit, retain and re-train staff is necessary. This is a people-centric, cyclic process that consumes a vast amount of time and resources. There is the additional danger of getting trapped in a vicious circle and losing focus of business functionality and core competencies.
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